A company which supplies power electronics, UPS, and voltage stabilisers to ensure continuous, clean and reliable power supply 

Editorial Design  ·  Graphic Design  ·  Advertising  ·  Audiovisuals  ·  Events

Company logo redesign

Design of the basic stationery bearing the company’s image

Packaging design for Salicru’s product

Design of Salicru brochure where presents all its range of products

Design of the price rate for all industrial and domestic products

Design of product catalogue

Design of the annual Salicru agenda that is given as a present to customers and employees

Direct marketing Christmas Campaign in which a gadget is sent to customers and employees

Design of advertising pages in different media sector

Design and edition of the commemorative book celebrating Salicru’s 50th anniversary

Design of the product leaflets

Design and production of fair stands where Salicru participate worldwide

Corporate video introducing Salicru values

Corporate infographic video introducing Salicru solutions


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